Barbara bourbon richard oneal geoff parker in classic sex movie

Barbara bourbon richard oneal geoff parker in classic sex movie
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It was lonely at home by myself.

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The house was quiet except for the drone of the dishwasher and the TV in the background. Nine o'clock and Jeff was still at work, or so he says. Jeff is a manager of a trucking fleet, but I suspect he isn't working all those hours alone. His assistant is a very young, perky and I'll admit, hot little bitch. We have been married 9 years, have no kids, and have been having less sex all the time.

If I anal fetish threesome first time raylin ann is a sexy molten towheaded who is so correctly, it has been 3 weeks since he has touched me. My name is Melissa, I'm 34, 103 pounds, reddish brown hair, and a c cup to go with that. Men sometimes give me looks like they are interested, but I show them hot japanese twins airi and meiri twin angels wedding ring and they retreat to look for someone else.

I'm not sure why I show my ring anymore, maybe I should just let things go and see what happens. Of course I know what will happen, I'll have a few drinks with one of them and then I'll get a little horny and then fuck him dry. So I am going to see what Jeff is working on at night. 40 minutes to the office and I'm here, but there are no lights on anywhere, the place is locked up tighter than my pussy. I know the little sluts name, Gina Sinclair, so I look up her address and head over there to see if she is home.

Sure enough, not only is she there but so are 2 other men and my husband. I looked into the Window in the living room through the blinds and see her on the couch, naked and the three of them fucking her, taking turns.

Jeff was currently mounting her from behind and pumping the shit out of her. He is 7" and plenty big around, so she was enjoying the hell out of my husband's cock. After about 10 minutes he came in her and another guy took his place. I oddly noticed that I am not all that pissed right now, instead my pussy is getting very wet and I can feel the need to cum really hard.

After watching the three of them, the other two guys are hung larger than Jeff, I 'd say one is a little bigger but one is about 9 - 9.5 I'd say, and he lasted quite awhile. So I had three options, one - go home and do nothing - two - follow the hung guy home and fuck him there - or three - bang on the door go inside and let the 9 incher fuck me right in front of my husband.

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My pick - OPTION THREE When the door opened, I walked right in and looked at Jeff and said, "Jeff you haven't fucked me in 3 weeks, so this fat cocked stud is going to do it for you." Jeff didn't know what to say, he stood there stunned after getting caught, but mom and daughter with son xxxstory big cock told me his name, Jack, and I dropped to my knees and started sucking that shaft to a rock hard state.

I was wrong he was 10.5 for sure. But i deep throated all of it, and didn't gag. A few minutes of this and I needed fucking. I stood up and started stripping, when Jack started helping.

When he got my shirt off, he started sucking my nipples, they were hard and sticking out about half an inch. I didn't think I could get any hornier, but I was wrong. Jack moved me to the couch, pulled off my dress and panties and then sat on the couch. I climbed on top, mounting that huge rod, first 2 inches, but I was so wet I started sliding down without humping him.

Nine Inches and I had to work to get it all in. I was sure this was the biggest cock I could take. Finally he was buried to his balls.

He said " You do all the work, I'll just be your cock". I began sliding up and down, maybe 4 times when he reached behind me and stuck a finger up my ass, oh god, I started cumming, I kept the rhythm going as long as I could, but when I stopped, Jack started pumping me. Sucking my nipples and stroking me balls deep each time, he kept the orgasm going for maybe 5 minutes.

I came to my senses enough to see my husband watching and stroking his cock. So I told JackCum inside me, empty your balls in my pussy. Jack's cock swelled up and he started to shoot his load. He let out a loud groan, one after the other. I know he came once tonight but he pumped the biggest load of semen inside me I ever had. After about nine hard thrusts of shooting jizz in me, he started to relax.

I told Jack to stay inside me and hold the sperm in, It would be more likely that I would get pregnant. I looked at my husband as I said that, and he looked whipped, as he should, but he didn't object.

I continued to make out with Voluptuous cocksucker eva notty gets fucked by lexington steele interracial and pornstar for another 15 minutes when Jeff said, "It's time to go home." I got off of Jack, and we watched a huge load of cum run out of me and down my leg.

I didn't clean it off, I just looked at Jeff and demanded he clean me up. I didn't know what he would do with that command but he came over with a towel and wiped me down. As we left I turned to Jack and said, " Tomorrow night, our house, and bring the tramp, I want her to eat me, after Jeff fuck's me, and the Jeff can eat me after you fuck me. Jack asked "What is your name?" I looked at Jeff and asked if he had a problem with that.

He said no, and we left. The next night, I tied Jeff up and told him I lied, he would be getting no release until we were all done for the night, all he could do was watch. He had the worst blueballs ever.

But finally I let him cum.

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It was Jack that jerked him off and let him semen hit the carpet. I told him that is where his semen belongs, wasted on the floor. After Jack and the others left for the night, I let him eat me outclean up the cum, and make me orgasm again.

Jeff has learned alot watching. In a few months I'll let him fuck me again, but he better not complain before then or it will be a lot longer.