Katies fine ass oiled up and fucked

Katies fine ass oiled up and fucked
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Slutty Virgins My friend, Dixie and I were the most slutty fifteen year old virgins in Pampa, a town of fifteen thousand in the Texas panhandle. My family had just moved to town that summer, so I didn't know anyone. And then I met Dixie at the public swimming pool—in the girl's shower of all places.

I was in the shower alone when she came in, removed her bikini and stepped up to the shower head two down from me. I had to force myself not to stare. She was very cute—not beautiful, but cute nonetheless. And she had an incredible body.

She was about five foot nine, slender without being skinny, short black hair, green eyes, a wonderfully round ass and a great pair of firm tits, at least DDs. I was embarrassed mia malkova sex stories porn sexy beautiful hardcore storys checking out another girl, so I finished my shower quickly, stepped out and began toweling myself off.

"What's your name?" She asked me. I was surprised she even knew I was there. When I looked up, she was under the water and facing me. "What?" "When someone checks me out like you were doing, I should at least know their name." "I.


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I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. . you know." She turned off the water and walked toward me. "I'm Busty vienna black trades her pussy for a free ride And she stuck out her hand. I shook it, "Beth." She let her eyes flow over my naked body, and then she showed me a grin, "There, now we're even, and I'd like to say you have a very, very sexy body." "Uh.

. thanks." While we were both getting dressed, she asked me, "You're new in town. Care to go for an ice cream? I'll give you the lowdown on this dump of a hick town." "Okay" A few minutes later, we were sitting on a bench in the city park eating our ice cream cones. "So, B. . you don't mind me calling you B do you?" I told her I didn't mind. In fact, I kinda liked it. "So, B, what are you into?" "What do you mean?" She showed me a scolding look, "Sex girl.

What else would I be talking about? Now, what are you into?" I had absolutely no experience with sex so I just shrugged, "I'm a. . you know—virgin." That caused Dixie to laugh, "Big fucking deal. I'm technically a virgin too. I mean, I haven't let a boy fuck me yet.

I'm holding out for the right cock. Virgins can have fun too, you know.

So, how do you have your fun?" I'm sure I was blushing. "I just. . you know, play with myself. What do you do—for fun, I mean?" "Oral, oral and more oral. I can't get enough of it." "With who?" I asked, not sure I wanted to hear her answer. "Anyone I want. Boys are easy.

They'll do anything you want if they think they're going to get to see some nice tits. You're not going to have any problem getting what you want from them. I've seen your tits, remember? True, they're not quite as big as mine, but they're awesome nonetheless." "Thanks.

. I think. When you say you like oral, do you mean you get them to go down on you?" That caused my new friend to burst out laughing. "Yes, B. I like to have my pussy eaten, but my favorite thing is giving blowjobs. I love giving blowjobs. I make boys eat my pussy first just so they think they've earned a blowjob. Hell, if they knew the truth—that I like giving them a blowjob even more than letting them eat my pussy, they'd own me." "I've never done either one.

I'm not against it. I just haven't tried it yet." "What have you done?" I decided to be stripping by the pool scene manuel bengochea, "I've kissed two boys.

. French kissed them, I mean." Her eyes widened, "Holy fuck! You mean you've never seen a hard cock—in person? The internet doesn't count—never even touched one?" I just shook my head. That was technically a lie. I had seen one, but it was my younger brother's, so I didn't think that counted. She put her hand on my shoulder, "We need to do something about that, and I mean fast. C'mon, follow me." "Follow. . where?" "My house.

It's only three blocks from here." I had to shake the fog of shock out of my brain.

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I finally managed to catch up with her, "Who?" She giggled, "Don't worry about it. I've got this covered." I couldn't believe I was doing this, but for some reason, I found it almost impossible to say no to Dixie. The minute we got into her house, she pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed a number. "Hello, Billy, it's Dixie. I'm really horny. Be at my back door in ten." And she hung up the phone.

"There, all set." "Just like that?" I asked. "Yep, just like that. Now, you need to know about Billy. He's going away to college in the fall, so he won't be at our school to blab about what we do—not that he would anyway, but still.

Also, he knows the rules.

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When he gets here, he won't say anything, regardless of what happens. He knows if he breaks that rule, he'll never get another blowjob from me. Now, he'll be here in a few minutes, so we need to get naked." And with that, she stood up and began undressing. Her words, "WE need to get undressed" kept echoing in my brain, "We—you mean.

. me too? Why?" "He's seen me naked plenty of times. When he sees you, he's not going to risk getting tossed out with his cock still hard. Now hurry and get undressed." She said as she kicked her panties off and stood in front of me totally naked for the second time in the last hour and a half. Reluctantly, I began removing my clothes.

I was nervous as hell and shaking like a leaf. I must have jumped a foot off the bed when I heard a knock on the back door. "Billy's here. Time to have some fun." And she hurried through the house to let Billy in. The minute he entered her bedroom and spotted me, he got a huge grin on his face. And then he began undressing. I don't know what I was expecting, but Billy wasn't bad looking at all. He was a little stocky, but not at all fat. He had short black hair and broad shoulders.

Dixie bounced onto the bed and lay on her back. She pulled her knees up and apart. "Hurry up, Billy. My pussy is waiting for a nice warm tongue." And then she looked at me and giggled, "Watch this. He's really good." A few seconds later, he crawled between her legs and began kissing the inside of her thighs. Soon though, he abandoned any hint of foreplay and went straight for her pussy, immediately sliding his tongue between her lips and tugging at them with his teeth.

After only a few seconds of watching Billy eat Dixie's pussy, my own pussy was tingling. I wanted to reach down and rub it, but I dared not. It only took several minutes for Billy to have Dixie squirming, and a short time later, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard.

She bucked her pelvis up to meet his tongue and then she let out a loud "Argggg". A few seconds later, she looked at me and grinned, "I told you he was good." And then she told Billy, now do my new friend." I started to protest, but something kept me from doing it.

The next thing I knew, Dixie was spreading my legs and pulling my knees up and apart. "It's her first time, so go slow with her. You need to get her motor running first." I wanted to tell her my motor was already running wild, but I kept quiet. No more than a minute later, his tongue was inside me and I felt a hand on my left tit.

I could feel both of Billy's hands on my thighs, so I knew without looking that the hand on my tit belonged to Dixie. It felt really nice, so I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes. It seemed like a long glorious hour, but it was probably no more than five minutes before I felt my orgasm building. Billy must have sensed it because he sucked my clit in between his lips and began flicking it with his tongue.

That did it. "OH FUCK!" I screamed when the explosions began shooting from my pussy and washing over my entire body. "Wow! That was intense." Dixie said in a tone of awe. "Do you always cum that hard?" I shook my head and licked my lips to moisten them, "Not even close." She giggled, "Then it's time to give him his reward." She swung her legs around and sat on the side of the bed and then patted the spot beside her for me.

And then she said, "Billy, front and center." Obediently, he stepped up in front of Dixie and I got a good look at his hard cock for the first time. It was awesome looking, powerful and foreboding. I could clearly see the veins just under the skin. Dixie reached up and put her hand around it and pointed it toward me. "Now you've seen one. Wanna touch it?

Go ahead, it won't bite." So I did. I reached up with a trembling hand. She removed hers and purred into my ear. "It's okay.

Touch it. Feel it. Look at it and play with it all you want. We have plenty of time. As cocks go, this one is nice. It's a bit shorter than average, but thicker than others I've sucked.

The thickness gets to my jaws after a while though." After a couple of minutes, she replaced my hand with hers, "See this spot?" She said, pointing to the loose skin on the underside just below the head. "It's very sensitive there. When you have a cock in your mouth, you should flick your tongue over it." "Now, time for my fun." And she put her mouth over the head of his cock. I watched inch after inch of it disappear between her lips.

And then she began bobbing her head up and down, fucking it with her mouth. A minute later, she pointed it at me again, "Do you want to try it?" I was so hoping she would ask, so I didn't hesitate to lick the head and then put my mouth over the blood engorged head. I loved the way it felt in my mouth and against my tongue.

"Don't worry." Dixie assured me, "I'll take over again before he cums." Way too soon for me, she tapped me on the shoulder. When I let Billy's hard cock slip out of my mouth, Dixie took it into her mouth immediately. This time, there was more urgency in her actions, and she was pumping it with her hand in unison with her mouth. A few seconds later, Billy grunted and Dixie moaned around his cock. I knew he was cumming, but that wasn't verified until a half minute later when she took his cock out of her mouth.

She looked at me with her mouth open and showed me the puddle of white cum on her tongue. And then Dixie did something that took me totally by surprise.

Before I could react, she put her hand behind my head and kissed me, immediately pushing her tongue into my mouth. When she asked me later what I thought of my first taste of cum, I didn't have an answer. I'd been so shocked by her kissing me that I didn't even think about the cum on her tongue. It just left a slightly tangy taste in my mouth. "See ya at the pool tomorrow?" She asked me as I was leaving her house.

I showed her a wide grin. "Absolutely!" * * * The next day, I lay in one of the lounge chairs near the pool and watched Dixie horse around in the water with a group of boys. I couldn't help but wonder how many of them she'd given a blowjob to. "Have you blown any of those guys?" I asked her when she stretched out in a chair next to me.

She chuckled, "No." I peeked at oiled up euro anal whore lucy love over the top of my sunglasses, "Really?" "I like flirting with them and teasing them, but they go to our school." "Ah, gotcha. Good point." "I prefer finding boys online. I spend a lot of time in the local chat room." "Online, really?" "Sure. Sara luvv and evan stone easier to open up online.

There's a degree of anonymity online. People can open up more, so I can let them know exactly what I want and what I expect of them." "That's a double edge sword though.

It's easier for them to lie." "I know! I hate that. When I'm first chatting with a guy, they lie their asses off. Most of them are just looking for some hot chat so they can beat off.

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But later on, when they start to understand there's a real possibility we're going to hook up in person, they either get more honest or disappear." "Let me guess: at first they are all star football players and have twelve inch cocks." Dixie laughed, "Yep, that's about it, just like this guy I'm chatting with now. He says his is nine and three-quarter inches, which probably translates to four or five inches." "God!

If Billy is five inches, I can't even imagine what to do with twice that." "I can. I can think of a lot of things to with one that big." "What's the biggest one you've had?" "A little over six inches.

It was more slender than Billy's though, so it was easier to suck." "So, do you think this guy is lying about his?" "I'm not sure why, but I don't think so. I've already met him once—at the food court in the mall. He was a little too shy for my tastes, but he's not bad looking, and he's very smart. I don't think he's sixteen like he claims though." "If he'll lie about his age, he'll lie about other things." "Yeah, I know.

Still, I'm thinking about finding out about his cock for myself. His name is Chad." I chuckled, "Let me know how it goes.

I'd love to see a cock like that. I've seen them online, but that doesn't count." "Hell, we should find out together. We can do it this evening if you want to. My parents are both working second shift at the plant." "Sounds like fun. Just let me know what time." * * * I had to run to the store with my Mom, so I sent a text to Dixie to let her know I'd be running a few minutes late.

She said she'd probably start without me and she'd leave the back door unlocked. As it turned out, I was only about ten minutes late getting to Dixie's house. Again, I was very nervous. The day before, I'd already been naked when Billy arrived so I didn't have to undress in front of him.

The thought of Chad watching dirty foreplays by hot lesbian gorgeous babes strip made me question if I could do it, so I took off all of my clothes before entering her bedroom.

Naked and shaking violently, I opened her door and strode in like it was the most natural thing in the world, and hopefully disguising how nervous I actually was. I expected to find her on her back with Chad between her legs eating her pussy, but that was not the case. She was sitting on the side of the bed with him standing in front of her, and she had his massive cock in both of her hands. When he turned his head to look at me, my world started spinning, then everything went black and I felt myself collapse to the floor.

When things came back into focus, I was laying on Dixie's bed with her and Ben, my thirteen year old brother sitting beside me. There was a warm wash cloth folded on my forehead, and Dixie handed me a she is watching him fucking her mom and encouraged me to take a drink.

When I did, the liquid took my breath away. "Just drink up, B. It will help calm you down." I struggled to speak, "He's. . he's my. . ." Dixie stroked my cheek, "I know. He told me.

Now sit up and shake it off." And she took my hand and helped me sit up. I had to force myself to look at my brother. When our eyes met, he just raised his eyebrows and lifted his shoulders in a "what can I say" manner.

"You lied about your name and age." I scolded him, and then I felt like an idiot for putting those minor infractions above the totality of the situation. Dixie giggled, "He didn't lie about the rest of it. His cock is HUGE." I could vaguely remember seeing it when I first walked into the room, so I knew she was right.

I gulped down the rest of the strong drink, coughed, fought for air, and then handed Dixie the empty glass. Add tasting alcohol to the list of first I'd experienced since meeting Dixie the day before. I could already feel it tingling my extremities. When I winked at Dixie, she giggled and said, "Okay, Chad.

Front and center." * * * Let's save something for chapter 2 lol Tina