Fantastic some with beauteous babe smalltits hardcore

Fantastic some with beauteous babe smalltits hardcore
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It's been three months since Ashley turned 16, but the last month has been hell on her. She lost the only things keeping her sexually happy. Lissa. Lissa had decided that all forms of birth control where not needed. She ended up getting knocked up, and playgirl gets her cunt pounded at final hardcore creampie dad sent her to Texas to live with an Aunt. The worse part about all of this is that Ashley didn't even get to say good-bye.

She had found out from a text message she got last week from Lissa. Ashley has been so stressed since her sex kitten moved away. It is now Saturday night.

Ashley just got home from work. The first thing she notices is that Trent's truck is not in the driveway. She gets to the door, unlocking it, as she pushes it open walking inside. She kicks off her shoes, and drops her keys and purse on the table. She turns towards the stairs climbing them slowly. She reaches the bathroom turning the shower on hot. She slowly strips her sensitive body. She reaches above her head pulling her hair out as her curls fall over her shoulders slowly.

She climbs in the shower. The hot water slowly cascading over her young body. She washes over body with just her body wash on her hand. She rubs her hands over her tits, soaping them up slowly. She softly moans she her hands rub soap all over her sexy body. "Mmmmmm Ooooooohhhhhhh" she moans softly to herself. She giggles a bit as she rinses her body just as slowly.Her hands wiping the soap away with clear water.

She slowly washes her hair, as she closes her eyes thinking of all the fun she and Lissa had these past two years. She rinses her hair shutting the shower off. She climbs out putting her robe on throwing her hair up in a towel.

She walks down the hall towards her room. She hears her phone ringing down in the living room. She turns running down the stairs hoping that they won't hang up. She reaches her purse grabbing her phone answering it slowly. "Hello" she says softly. "Hey Ashes are you home yet?" Trent asks on the other end. "Yeah, I'm home.

I just got out of the shower.

Why Trent what's up?" she answers kinda confused. "I just wanted to make sure and let you know I will be home in a few. Can you do me a favor Ash?" he asks softly. "Oh okay yeah, what do you need Trent?" she asks. Well I'm feeling kinda lonely. Will you wear something sexy for me tonight? I know it is a lot to ask but if you knew what I'm thinking you would love it." he says soft and slow.

"Um okay I think I can manage that." she says all cocky.

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"Okay see you soon." he says hanging right up. Ashley runs up the stairs to her room. She shuts the door behind her locking it. She dries the rest of her body off as she rummages through her and Lissa's sexy lingerie. She tries everything on until she decides on a corset set. She puts on a black and pink leather corset, a pink thing, black thigh high fishnets with a black garter belt and some black pumps. She puts it on as she remembers big garil xxx full sex stories amazing story this exact outfit used to do to Lissa.

She puts her hair in pigtail french braids, and puts on her make-up. She finally emerges from the room all done she heads back downstairs. Ashley is sitting on the couch watching some television. She is looking at the door out of the corner of her eye. Her body looking so perfect in her naughty little outfit. She sits flipping through the channels for about twenty minutes before she hears Trent's truck pull in the garage door opening. She walks out to the kitchen leaning over into the fridge shaking her ass.

Trent walks in from the garage right into the kitchen. He stops in his tracks. Ashley can feel his eyes moving up and down her body. She stands up slowly turning to face him. "Hey Trent, what's with that face? It's still me look." Ashley says smiling.

"Ashes wow this is what you look like with Lissa, god damn no wonder she loves you." Trent says his voice kinda shakey. "What is wrong with your voice? Do I turn you on baby. It's so obvious that you like me Trent." Ashley says grinning big. "Ashley I have wanted you since I started dating your older sister.

You are so perfect. I love you so much. But before tonight I have always felt you were way to young." he answer confidently. "Well then come and get me, cause I want you too." she says sitting on the counter in front of Trent. Ashley's eyes met his as he pulled her face to his. Her lips met his in a hot passionate kiss. Ashley's eyes shut slowly as they kissed deeper. Trent's hands run down her sides making her shiver slightly. Ashley slowly wraps her arms around his hard body.

Her tongue playing with his ever so slightly as their lips dance over each other. She feels her ass being grasped lightly as he lifts her off the counter.

She wraps her legs around his waist. She pulls her mouth away from his kissing, slowly trying to catch her breath. "Was that too much for you baby" he asks her as he stares into her deep green eyes. "That felt amazing even more amazing than when Lissa touches me" Ashley says still trying to cath her breath "Well then I never thought you would say that about me but I'm glad you did." he says as his hand slowly slips inside of her thong.

"Trent oh my god please lay me down if you want to do that" she moans softly. "But Ashley I only want to tease you. Well for a little while at least." he says biting her neck as he runs his fingers over her tight wet pussy lips.

"Oohhh my goood OOOOOOOOHHHH." she beigns to moan shaking on his waist. "Okay Ash, do you want to do it right here or in my bed upstairs?" he asks slowly as he pulls his hand away frome her pussy licking his fingers.

"Upstairs Upstairs." she pants through her heavy breathing. Trent holds her around his waist as he slowly climbs the stairs. Ashley stares into this eyes as he carries her. Trent brings her into his room layign her gently on the bed. She looks up into his eyes as she pulls her thong off. Trent unbuttons his jeans pulling his shirt up over his head.

Ashley licks her lips as she runs her fingers over her tight wet little pussy.

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Her eyes flutter as her fingers run slowly over her clit. Trent's eyes watch her hand intently as he pushes his jeans down his cock pops out through his boxers. Ashley raises an eyebrow as she licks her lips.

"Oh my god your so big Trent. I want to taste him so bad." Ashley moves to her hands and knees crawling to the edge of the bed. "Ashley what are you going to do to me?" he asks grinning. "Just taste it a bit." she says pulling his cock deep into her mouth as she sucks on it hard. Trents body begins to shake gently. Ashley's sucking harder moving her head in and out. Trent grabs her head moving it faster in and out on his big throbbing hard cock.

Ashleys tongue slides around as she sucks her hand massaging his balls slowly. She wraps her arms around his legs digging her nails in as she stares up into his eyes. Trent lets go of her head as he grabs the bedpost as he moans out loud. "Oh my god I'm gunna cum. Keep sucking on your first cock, Ooooohhhhhhh yeah swallow it Ashes." he says shaking hard as his cock spasms.

Ashley keeps sucking on his big cock as he explodes in her mouth. She swallows stream after stream of hot sticky cum. She jerks his cock getting every last drop out.

She pulls away her eyes watering. "My god Ash your a pro at that. So much better than your sister Kara at sucking my cock." he pants as he falls on the bed next to her. "That was the first time I have ever done that. I loved it so much baby." she says kissing his cheek as she falls back on the bed.

Ashley looks up into Trents eyes. She large curves make dudes rod hard hardcore and blowjob her hands over her body. She slides a finger into her sexy little pussy. She moves it in and out her mouth and face showing how good it feels. She stares at Trent waiting for him to come to her. He slowly climbs up the bed kissing up her legs.

He gently bites her inner thighs as she jumps up into his mouth. Trent slowly slides his tongue over Ashleys hard clit. Draggin it over and over again. Her leg tremble slowly as her pussy loosens up a bit. Trent moves his thumb to her clit as he rubs it darting his tongue in and out of her wet pussy. Ashley screams out in pleasure. "Oooooohhh shit fuck yeah eat my pussy make it yours." she scream pushing up into his mouth.

"I'm going to make you cum so hard baby." he says as pulls his mouth away for a second. Ashley's body thrashes beneath his long wet tongue. She starts to hump up into his face.

She feels her self about to let go. She clamps her pussy tight around his fingers. She grinds her clit up into his tongue. Ashley shakes uncontrollably as she looks down. "Oooooohh fuck I'm gonna cum make me squirt all over your face." she says kinda dominating. "Oh I'm going to." he says as he fingers her faster. Ashley's body lets go as she shakes so hard. He pulls away a little bit watchign her pussy erupt.

It shoots cum up into the air. Trent begins devouring it as Ashley keeps cumming covering his face. Trent pulls away slowly his face dripping in her honey. He lick's his lip's before slowly kissing her. Their bodies entangle as she deeply kisses him Trent takes his solid hard cock into his hands as he pushes it into her tight wet hole. He works it into her gently. His eyes fixed on hers as she flutters below him.

She pushes up a bit as her pussy takes more of his huge cock into her tiny body. He moves at an even pace making sure not to hurt her to much. Ashley wraps her arms around his body as fucking big tit allys daughter the treat trade pt moves with him.

"Ohhh oooohhhhh my god baby your so big. I love you. I love how you fuck me. Harder baby harder." she moans through her heavy breathing. "Mmmmm your so tight I love how your pussy feels around my cock. I can't wait to fill your pussy with my hot thick cum." he groans as he moves faster into her. Trent keeps fucking Ashley as he hold her to the bed. He leans over biting into her collar bone hard as they fuck. She takes her hands as she digs her nails into his back hard.

Her pussy begins to spasm on his cock. She can feel him tensing up. "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh gooooooooooooooooooodddddddd I'm gonna cum all over your cock. Fuck me Trent. Make me your personal slut. Oooohhhhh yea faster baby faster." she screams as her pussy slowly explodes all over his hard cock.

"That's it baby keep going. I'm going to burst deep into that hole." He says as his body begins to shake. Ashley keeps cumming all over him as she pushes up hard. He starts to breath heavy in her ear as he pushes so deep. He lets go his thick load pouring into her tight mound. She lays there looking at him as he finishes cumming into her body. "Wow baby I never would of thought we would end up fucking." Ashley says catching her breath.

"I did, I have always known that your the girl for me Ashley. Even when I was with your sister. I knew it was going to be you.

I knew I would end up with you." he confesses as he kisses her deeply. "Trent I want to be your girl forever. Ashley says softly. "You are my girl Ashes but right now I think you need some sleep." he says pulling out as he slides the rest of her outfit off. Trent pulls Ashley to him as he cuddles her. She kisses him as she get comfortable in his arms. It is the first time she has ever let a man touch her. She closes her eyes as she feels Trent falling asleep with her, both of them naked in his bed.