Blonde chloe licks her stepmoms wet pussy

Blonde chloe licks her stepmoms wet pussy
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Please feel free to ask me anything. This story happened a couple of months a go. I am 30 years old, and bisexual.

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I always use the internet to search for gay sites, and chat with different people. One day I did chat with and older man, he said that he was 51 years old, After chatting with him several times he asked me several times to go to his apartment.

After about one month I decided to meet him. I decided to meet him on a week end so I can stay over, as he offered me many times. I was so tempted by his words. So it was on a Friday morning that I gave him a call to confirm our rendezvous, he was delighted to her the news. I organized my self, and I decided to take some girls clothes that I keep for such good times.

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So I went over to David 's apartment, he welcomed me warmly as I expected and he was happy to see me after one month of chatting via the inter net, he was so cute, handsome with a little mustache and he was about 185cm tall and his weight was about 85 kg. We chatted and had some drinks as he prepared all the needed stuff, and he played some porn films on his DVD to make things better for us, after drinking some beers and whisky I was starting to feel a little drunk, he was not, so I stopped drinking to relax.

He then went to his bed room and came back wearing only a towel around his waist, he sat next to me on the coach. I was then feeling so horny and waiting for his move, he touched my neck, pulled my head towards him then kissed my lips, and sucked them gentlyusing his tongue he started to feel mine as I melted between his arms.

He liked kissing so we spent some time mouth kissing each other, then I told him that I have a little surprise for him, I went in to the bathroom took off my clothes and put on the white bra and girls pants with a short violet dress I had with me, and prepared my self for the pleasure I was waiting to get.

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I walked in, he was so surprised to see me in girls clothes, he pulled me down on his lap, and again kissed my lips tenderly, moved his hands on my thighs and back, as I was stared to feel his cock getting hard under me, I felt his body getting warmer and warmer, he then moved me from his lap asked me to lay down on the coach, I did with pleasure, he laid over me but this time he move the towel, and I saw his cute cock hanging there, he was on top of me kissing me on my lips and neck, with his tongue in my mouth he moved over me slowly and moved his both hands on my thighs up to my ass cheeks, I was then moaning with pleasure, I felt his cock rubbing mine, He then opened the dress I was wearing and pulled up the bra, started to suck on my nipples they were erected and hot, I was moaning and saying words, yh,mmmm, I love that, mmmm, as he continued.

He then asked me with his warm voice if I wanted his hard cock in my mouth, I said sure without any hesitation. He jumped off me sat on my chest I hold his big head cock with my left hand and place my other one on his thigh, and gently touched his fully erected cock with my lips I kissed it tenderly and sucked its head slowly as I felt his balls on my chest, I sucked his cock deep and deep swallowing every inch of it with all my pleasure and desire, I took it all in my mouth as I enjoyed every inch on it, I sucked and sucked as he held my head with one hand.

After a while he stood up asked my to turn around, then he sat beside me and moved his hands up my thighs towards my ass and pulled down my under wear the he started kissing my ass cheeks and I could feel his lips on my ass cheeks, the he opened them started to lick my soft pink juicy ass hole, I cougars need cock reagan foxx finds the meat she needs with pleasure as he started to finger my ass slowly, then I was ready for his cock.

After he toke his time with my ass, pushing his finger all the way in me then he used two fingers also, I was so delighted.

My ass was ready for his cock. He told me to lay down on the ground, bend over, I knew what was coming, he came from behind me and put some cream on my ass hole then he gently pushed his cock in my ass hole and started to push it slowly in me, I started to feel it's head inside me, I moaned with pleasure, oh yh I loved it, then his cock was fully inside me, as he started to push and pull it from my ass, and I was taken it, he was fucking me slowly and passionately I loved it really, his hands were grabbing my ass cheeks, and I felt his balls touching my behind.

After 15 minuets of my ass pleasure David said that threesome with cute asian pet villein japanese and hardcore was going to cum and if I wanted it in my ass or on my ass cheeks, I wanted it in meI said so he pumped his cream inside me, so he did and I felt his cum filling me, he moaned so did I. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, and he kissed my ass cheeks, and thanked them for eating his cum.

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After that he went into the shower and I followed him after taking off all my clothes, I watched him washing his body as I came near him and started rubbing his body, as I was doing that I noticed his cock was growing again, I told him that it looks big tits amy reid fingering her pussy he wants more, he grabbed me and kissed my mouth and touched my naked body, and I felt my cock was touching his, we kissed each other for a while, then I touched his fully erected cock and started to play with it, I wanted it in mouth again, so I sat down on the floor took it in my hand and started to kiss and suck it, he asked me, do you want some hot golden piss, I did not answer just waited for it to come, then David started to piss I took his cook with my hands and drunk his hot piss and tried my best not to waist any drop, then he started to piss on my chest, I liked that very much, after he finished pissing, I took his cock and sucked it, it was so hot and delicious, he hold my head and started to fuck my mouth gently, I felt his cock getting harder and harder I knew he was cumming, he ejaculated his full cum in my mouth, I made sure to take every drop of it, it was great and very tasty.

I meet David a couple of times after that, but still the first fuck was the best.