Son rapes his drunk naked mom

Son rapes his drunk naked mom
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The World's First Futa Futa's Wedding Delight Chapter Three: Futa's First Sultry Bride By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 "The reception was absolute torture," I said while the cameras filmed the interview, streaming it live to the world.

I was recounting my life, speaking about attending the wedding of Kurt, my ex-boyfriend, to Rosemary Ramsey. Well, now she was Rosemary Albertson. "I just wanted to fuck the bride so badly, Adelia.

It was so hard to think about my promise when I knew she was close to me." "I bet it was," Adelia said, the talk show host interviewing me. She had such a naughty smile playing on her plump lips.

It made my futa-dick twitch, tenting the front of my skirt. I needed to fuck someone right now. I ached for it. "I could see Rosemary at the other end of the hall. She kept glancing at me. I knew she wanted me, could see it in her green eyes.

They almost shone with her passion." I quivered, my body shaking. I glanced at my pregnant, young wife. Though Sharron's eyes were blue, they held her mother's same fervent light at the moment.

"But Kurt was with her, hovering by her. He kept holding her, dancing with her, distracting her while women flocked to me. I fucked so many at the reception. "But it wasn't enough. I was on the verge of breaking." "So what did you do?" Adelia leaned forward. I could feel the studio audience, even the watching world, quivering in anticipation. "Did you just big dick to bang is pornstar love movie, throw the bride down over a table, and fuck her before Kurt and all the guests?

Did you breed her right there in front of everyone." My futa-dick was so hard right now. My pussy dripping wet. "I wanted to, but. I didn't. Instead, I grabbed a pair of bridesmaids I hadn't fucked, which included Rosemary's eighteen-year-old sister, and fled the reception hall. I took them up to my hotel room hoping that breeding another member of Rosemary's family would satiate my lusts for what I couldn't have." "First the mother, and now the sister," Adelia said, a big smile crossing her lips.

"You were just so wanton, weren't you, Becky?" "So wanton." I grinned. "I just didn't want to ruin Kurt's big day. I loved him once, you know. The only person I ever loved until I met Sharron. I beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams want to harm him even if I was driving myself insane." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June 11th, 2022 "Yes, yes, yes, pump your cum into me, Becky!" howled Emilee, the African-America bridesmaid quivering beneath me.

Her pussy spasmed about my cock as I slammed into her. "Yes, yes, yes, cum in her!" whimpered eighteen-year-old Danika Ramsey. The sister of the bride had her purple bridesmaid dress bunched around her waist, her teardrop-shaped tits quivering before dad and son fucking fat mom as she rubbed her shaved pussy.

"Just breed her! Then you get to fuck me!" "God, yes!" I groaned, my dick throbbing as I fucked into Emilee's pussy so hard and fast. Emilee squirmed and shuddered beneath me. Her flesh rippled about me. She squirmed on my hotel room bed. A part of me had wanted to fuck her since she smiled at me dirty talk rimming and cronys chums sister first time one day aaliyah receives a walking down the aisle while Mrs.

Ramsey, the mother of the bride and the sweet thing masturbating beside us, rode my girl-dick. What a wild wedding. I bred Rosemary's mother while she spoke her vows to Kurt. And no one cared. They all thought it was normal for me to have sex. I was just the horny futanari. That girl with a huge cock that drive all the women mad. It was okay if I had sex in the middle of a ceremony. It was so kinky. "Shit!" I groaned as my orgasm exploded in me.

My futa-dick erupted into Emilee's hungry pussy. I pumped her cum full of my cum. The Black bridesmaid quivered beneath me, her large breasts rubbing against my round tits. Our nipples brushed and kissed as I trembled atop her. With each blast of my futa-cum into her pussy, the pleasure surged through my body. It left me dizzy and shuddering.

I whimpered, my eyes fluttering. Such joy rippled through my body. It was so incredible. It melted my brain. For a moment, I forgot all about Rosemary Albertson nee Ramsey. That delicious bride dressed all in white.

Blonde, green eyes, and just begging to be bred. My cum pumped into Emilee's fertile depths. The Black bridesmaid's cunt milked my dick, hungry for every drop. She gasped out her pleasure as she trembled beneath me. My pleasure plateaued as I fired my last spurt of cum into her.

"Oh, damn, that was good," I groaned. "It's my turn!" Danika said, sliding down the pillows she leaned against until she was lying on her back, legs spread, her breasts forming two lush mounds.

"Please, Becky, breed me like you bred my mother. I want my first time to be special." "You're a virgin?" I asked. "Damn, her dick twitched in me when she said that," groaned Emilee. "I didn't know you were a virgin, Danika." "When I learned Becky was going to be at the wedding, I wouldn't give it up to my boyfriend. I saved myself for six months." She stared at me with tremulous eyes. "For you." Those words, coming from that face that looked so much like Rosemary's, made me shuddered.

Danika had the same blonde hair as her sister, a few shades lighter than my own golden curls, and the same nose and lips. Her tits weren't as big and she had a shorter, though curvier frame. But. She was close. A virgin. "I wish you were wearing white," I muttered as I pulled my girl-dick out of Emilee's pussy. "I would fuck you so hard in white." "I bet you would," Danika said. She hooked her arms around her knees and pulled her legs up to her breasts.

Her shaved pussy lips parted, revealing her inner, pink depths. And the hymen stretched over her cunt's entrance. "Now break me in!" she groaned. "I went six months without even letting my boyfriend go down on me just so I could make sure I stayed pure for you." "And what does he think about you being up here with me?" I asked as I moved over to her. "You kidding, he's so eager for it. I'm going to go finally fuck him with my snatch full of your cum," Danika moaned.

"He's finally going to lose his virginity." "Jesus, kids these riding my special toy with a butt plug Emilee said, glancing at me.

"Right, Becky?" "I'm only twenty-three," I protested. "The same age as you." "I know, we're so old," Emilee said. "Not like this barely legal virgin.

Mmm, look at her, have you ever seen a girl so eager to lose her virginity?" "Well." I didn't want to think about that weird cult I ran into in Kansas. It creeped me out that there were people who worshiped me as a goddess. But they did have four cute virgins begging me to deflower them. "She is eager for it," I said, moving my cock towards her pussy. I brought it to her snatch. "I guess I better pop her cherry." "Yes, yes, yes!" Danika looked so open saxy faking storys ktrenakaf like Rosemary.

I just had to imagine she was Rosemary. Fucking her sister had to be good enough. It had to satiate this mad lust for the one woman in the world I shouldn't fuck. "You two have fun," Emilee said, rolling away. "I'm going to get back to the party!" "Mmm, we are going to have fun, right?" I said, omitting "Rosemary" from the end of my sentence.

"Yes!" Danika squealed, her body shaking, her shaved, virgin pussy beckoning me. I placed my dick, dripping in Emilee's juices, right against the virgin's sex sania mirza xxx com flesh. I shuddered, feeling the plumpness of her vulva. She squirmed and groaned, shuddering against me, teasing my futa-dick with her untouched flesh.

"Fuck me, Becky!" she begged, her breasts quivering. She held her legs tight to her body, her calves thrust out to the side, toes curling. "Jam it in and breed me!" I couldn't say no to that. I thrust forward. Her cherry stretched and stretched, a stiff, rubbery membrane of skin. I groaned, pressing on it, waiting for that sweet moment when she popped. She gasped. My girl-dick rammed into her depths. Her snatch squeezed down on me as I buried to the hilt in her.

Her green eyes widened. "You're in me!" Her pussy clenched down hard about my cock. Her virginal tightness almost made me swoon. A wave of dizzy delight shot over me.

My breasts quivered before me. My blonde hair spilled off my shoulders and caressed my cheeks. I savored being buried to the hilt in her.

Her squeaking moans echoed through my hotel room. Her passion echoed all around us as I drew back my hips and rammed back into her tight depths. Her silky flesh squeezed about me. The friction created rapture that shot through my body. "Fucking yes!" I hissed as my breasts quivered. My crotch smacked into her shaved vulva. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes, you are just a little treat, aren't you? A succulent morsel for me to enjoy." "I am!" she groaned, beaming at me.

"Ooh, Becky, just fuck me! Plow into me so hard!" "Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped and drew back my hips. I plunged into her depths. The bed creaked as I fucked the bride's little sister.

I plowed into her while staring into her green eyes. Rosemary's eyes! I lost myself in those emerald depths as I plunged my futa-dick forward as hard as I could. Silky delight engulfed me every time I buried into her. Then I had the joy of drawing back, feeling her clenched down on me.

Her feet wiggled by my face, her toes so cute. Her whimpers filled the air as I plowed into her depths. "The futa is fucking me!" she groaned.

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"Oh, wow, the futa is fucking me! You're going to breed me, Becky!" "Uh-huh!" I groaned, staring into those green eyes.

"Just pump so much jizz into my snatch!" she moaned. "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum on your dick. Harder than I ever have!" "Don't hold back!" I growled, plowing so hard into her, fucking her. As close to Rosemary as I could get. She squeezed her snatch around me. Her hips wiggled and swiveled, a pelvic latina moka mora kneels down to suck big black cock that massaged my thrusting cock.

Her face twisted. Her eyes fluttered. She tossed her head from side to side, spilling blonde curls about her flushed cheeks. Then she let out a gasp of delight. I buried to the hilt in her. As I drew back, her pussy went wild about me. Her cunt convulsed, her climax rippling through her snatch. Her eyes widened. Her mouth opened in a wide O as she howled out her rapture. "Fuck!" I groaned as I rammed back into her convulsing depths. Her pussy sucked at my cock, her deflowered, fertile depths hungry for my cum.

But I wasn't ready to erupt. She was as close as I could come to fucking Rosemary. I couldn't stop enjoying her viol service agrave domicile sm humour funy and bdsm. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes!" gasped Danika. "Becky!" Her toes curled by my face as she held her legs tight to her quivering tits. "Cum in me, Becky! Breed me!" "I want to!" I moaned as my hips plunged forward.

My ovaries quivered. They were so full of cum, so ready to unload more jizz into her pussy. But I fought it. I ground my teeth. I closed my eyes, imagining it was Rosemary on the bed. That I was fucking the bride. My dick plunging into her forbidden pussy, cuckolding Kurt. Usurping my ex's place inside his wife. My hips thrust so hard. I hammered the convulsing pussy. The silky sheath writhed about me, sucking at me, begging for me to cum. "Just spurt your jizz into me!" the bride howled, her voice so girlish.

"Please, Becky, I need it!" My pussy clenched. Juices ran down my thighs as my tits heaved. I slammed so hard into the bride's spasming pussy. Our flesh slapped together. I heard the wet plunge of my clit-dick into her sloppy depths. Her flesh riding is the best sport for a girl about me. Her fertile cunt wanted to be bred by me.

She wanted to be pregnant on her honeymoon with my futa-daughter. My face tightened. Heat burned in my cheeks. I rammed my cock forward. "Take my cum, Rosemary!" I howled. Erupted. "Yes, yes, yes!" the wicked bride howled, her pussy welcomed my spurting cum. My jizz fired out of my dick. Hot blasts shot into me. I groaned and quivered. My eyes fluttered. Hotshot fucks a young slut hard pussy milked me, rippling about me, drowning out every drop of girl-spunk from my ovaries.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed down my thighs while ecstasy flooded through my body. My brain melted. "Oh, Rosemary, yes!" I gasped, lost to my fantasy. My pleasure thrust me to the heights of rapture.

I floated there, quivering, gasping for breath. This was so incredible. I wanted it to last forever. To keep rippling bliss through my body. I could stay like this forever. My orgasm died. "Ooh, Becky, yes," moaned the bride. "Mmm, you want to fuck my sister badly, don't you?" My eyes fluttered open. The illusion shattered. I didn't breed Rosemary, but Danika.

"Yes!" I stared down at the virgin I just deflowered. "I want to breed your sister! I want to fuck her! I want my cum in her!" She swallowed and then wiggled. I pulled out of her, letting her get away from me. I just ruined her first time by crying out her sister's name when I orgasmed. A flush of shame shot through me, knifing through my buzzing rapture. She padded over to her purse lying on the TV hutch.

She opened it, my cum running down her thighs, the white tinged pink. Her purple dress rustled, the skirt half-covering her flushed rump. She pulled something out of her purse and whirled around. It was a keycard. "This is to room 1721," she said then grinned. "Yep, just two doors down. My sister should be in there by now. She's waiting for you." "She slipped away from Kurt?" I asked, my stomach tensing.

Danika just shrugged and set the keycard down on the wooden surface of the hutch in front of the black TV. "My boyfriend's waiting for me in his hotel room. So, ciao!" She winked a green eye at me then darted away, her teardrop-shaped tits bouncing.

She didn't even bother covering up. Had my influence already changed the world that much that she didn't care if someone saw her naked? Then my eyes fell on the keycard. A shiver ran through me. I promised Kurt I would stay away from her. He worked hard to help me keep my promise. He arranged for my friends to keep me busy with pussy.

He asked the Sigma Lambda Tau sorority to rent out sexy girls love tbe fucked movie 11 entire floor to guard Rosemary last night. He even had the mother of the bride fuck me during the wedding ceremony to keep me from his new bride's pussy.

But she didn't want that. Rosemary wanted me to come breed me. She was a woman. Even if she promised Kurt that she didn't want to fuck me—didn't want to have my daughter—the moment she passed me on her march to the aisle, she caught a whiff of my pheromones. It triggered her body to start ovulating.

To go into heat and crave my futa-cum. Now she was two rooms down the hall from me, waiting. She had a hot pussy between her thighs in need of being bred. She needed my futa-cum pumping into her. She needed that rapture flooding through her body. I couldn't deny her. Right? But Kurt. I rocked on my bed, staring at that keycard, my futa-dick so hard. No, no, I couldn't do this. I had to cool off. I darted for my bathroom.

I threw open the door, tossed the shower curtain to the side, and hopped into my shower/bathtub combo. I turned on the water, standing right before the spray, facing it tits on, my cock thrusting before me and— "Holy fucking shit that's cold!" I howled. The icy spray splayed on my breasts and cock. It robbed the feverish heat from my body. It spilled down me, washing away Danika's juices from my softening clit-dick.

In seconds, my teeth chattered and my body shivered. "You. Are. Not. Breaking. Your. Word." I hissed each word as I forced myself to stand beneath the spray. "Nope!" I forced myself to stand beneath the spray until my body rebelled. I flung myself through the curtain, crashing into the counter. I shivered and shook.

I seized terry cloth towels, monogrammed with the Red Lion's logo, and wiped at my body, banishing the cold. I sucked in breaths, my blood racing as feeling returned to numb extremities. I did it. I resisted temptation. I wouldn't betray my friend.

I stumbled out of the bathroom, finally feeling the weight of the last two days of fucking. I was exhausted. I had a hotel bed. I would crash for twelve hours. When I awoke, Kurt and Rosemary would be off on their honeymoon.

And I would return to my hitchhiking far, far away from Seattle. I took the first step to my bed when I saw the white card with the crimson lion. It flashed for a moment, catching the lamplight at just the right angle to pulse with a beckoning radiance. My futa-cock swelled hard. My pussy grew wet. "Oh, no," I groaned, exhaustion melting away as I moved toward it.

I couldn't stop myself. I was too weak to resist temptation. My fingers snagged the card. I slid my digits across the smooth surface, rushed the magnetic strip on the back. My feet propelled me across the room. I reached my door, yanked it open, and stepped naked into the hallway. Two doors down. In moments I was there, jamming the keycard into the lock. I yanked it out. The mechanism whirled. A green light flashed with welcome beneath the brass handle.

I twisted it and shouldered my way through the door. "Rosem." My words trailed off as she and i’m the tease tube porn into view. Amid purple rose petals, Rosemary lay in her wedding lingerie on the bed, her blonde air shining beneath her gauzy veil, her round breasts rising and falling, clad in a satin, white demi bra, strapless. It lifted her tits into two, delicious mounds.

Her left hand pressed between them as she gasped at the sight of me. Her diamond engagement ring and golden wedding band sparkled in the light as she shifted. Her thighs spread involuntarily, revealing the dainty, white thong clinging tight to her pussy, outlining her plump vulva, a cameltoe so similar to her sister's crevasse.

Her lush legs were clad in white thigh-high stockings that begged for me to slide my hand up them on my way to feast on her pussy. The bride quivered, her green eyes glowing. "It's you," Rosemary said, her voice soft and girlish. "It's truly you. I was afraid you weren't coming." "I couldn't resist you," I groaned, stumbling forward.

"You're just a siren, Rosemary." "I know," a deeper voice rumbled. "She is that." I gasped and spun, wrenching my gaze from Rosemary's bewitching face to find a naked Kurt lounging just out of sight of the door. He was hard, his body as muscular as I remembered, full of all that masculine strength I once found attractive. My heart raced. Guilt slammed into me. "I. I." My lower lip quivered. "I'm sorry, Kurt. I can't keep away. I had to be here.

I had to. to." "Fuck my wife?" he asked, moving forward. He took my hands. "Why do you think you're here, Becky?" I blinked at him. "What?" "We kept you away until this moment," Kurt said. "Our wedding night. We wanted Rosemary's first time with you to be special. And I wanted to share one last woman with you, Becky. I always enjoyed that. You know it." I shuddered.

"But. but. I. I mean. You made me promise." "Sorry," he said. "But." A grin spilled across his lips. "The look on your face when you thought you were caught." "Ooh, don't be such a bully to her, Kurt," Rosemary said. "You frightened the poor thing.

Her cock almost wilted." "Nothing could make Becky go soft," Kurt laughed. He squeezed my hands. "I just had to make you try as hard as possible to stay away. If I hadn't." "I would have fucked her earlier and ruined your special plans," I said, shifting, my cock swaying before alexis golden milf threesome interracial fucking sucking blowjob. "Still, I have half-a-mind to kick you out.

I can make Rosemary do it." "No, you can't," Rosemary said, her words flinty. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, Becky, and my husband's going big tits british chick pov share in it.

We committed ourselves to each other. I don't just swear vows without meaning them. That's my man. So he gets to stay while you breed me." "Damn," I said, glancing at Kurt.

"She's got steel in her." "She doesn't let me get away with my shit," Kurt said. "She. inspires me, Becky. You know, the way you used to. She makes me want to be the best man I can. I got a job. I fucking am killing it at my work. We're buying a house. If I hadn't met her, I'd be just another loser not giving a shit about my life." "Kurt." I said, swallowing.

"I. I didn't to." "It's not your fault you became a futanari," Kurt said, squeezing my hands. "It's not your fault things went august ames licks cassidy kleins thick pussy naturaltits and facesitting with us.

But I didn't have to stop giving a shit when it happened. I didn't have to throw myself into meaningless pleasure. I mean, fuck, Becky, how many girls did I date in college? Most lasted, like, two weeks. I grew bored of them so fast and was just looking for the next pussy to share with you and.

I don't need that now. "But, for old times sake, and because every woman deserves one romp with your futa-dick, I want you here tonight." "We want you here," Rosemary added. "Now get over here, you two, and make me cum. Do you know how hard it was not to throw myself at you? I wanted to rip my mom off your dick and take her place in the middle of the wedding ceremony. If I didn't love Kurt so much. "But I'm at my limits." "You heard my bride," Kurt said.

He arched a fiery eyebrow at me and gave me that handsome smile of his. "Shall we eat my wife's pussy and make her cum?" "We've never done that before," I said. He shrugged. "Rosemary's special. She's my wife, Becky." His smile grew when he said that. "Damn, she's my wife.

My soulmate." When he said those words, I blinked. They echoed in my head. What had I done for the last year? The last four-and-a-half years? I'd fucked thousands and thousands of girls. Four or five new pussies a day. Sometimes more. I couldn't remember their names. I had a nation's worth of children out there. I knew a handful of them. I just. drifted. What Kurt and Rosemary had was what I should have, but I lost it when my clit sprouted and I changed.

Could I ever have what they did? Or would mindless pleasure, spurting orgasm after spurting orgasm, the best I could do? Then Kurt led sexy asia knows what a guy wants to the bed, to Rosemary, and my lusts throbbed through me.

I could consider my life tomorrow. Tonight. Tonight I would share one last moment with the man I almost married. One little taste of the life I almost had if he hadn't cum in my pussy. Rosemary was even blonde like me, though I had blue eyes. And was cuter. "Mmm, two sexy lovers for me to enjoy tonight," Rosemary purred as she squirmed in her wedding lingerie, her tits almost on the verge of popping out of her demi bra.

"Aren't I one lucky bride?" "Yes, you are," Kurt said as he crawled onto the bed, heading for his new bride's right side. So I went left. "We're going to make your mind melt in pleasure," Kurt said. "You're going to cum and cum on Becky's dick." "And yours," Rosemary said, reaching out and grabbing her husband's cock.

Then she snagged mine. "It's not just the size that matters. It's how you use it. And you, Kurt, are a master." "I had to compete with her monster," Kurt said with friendly humor. "So it's like how the average-looking girl has to develop a personality while the pretty girl can just be an empty-headed bimbo?" I asked. "Exactly," he said. "Bimbo." A smile played on my lips. "Plain Jane." Rosemary giggled, her hand tightening on my futa-dick. "I'm glad you're here for this, Becky." Then she let out a groan.

"Now I was promised pleasure. I'm soaking my thong!" "She's a bit of a bridezilla," I said to Kurt over Rosemary's trembling breasts. "But she's worth it," he said, his hand sliding up his wife's smooth stomach to her sternum. To the base of her bra. He pulled the cup down, exposing her right breast. A dusky-pink nipple popped out, hard and begging to be loved.

Kurt loved it. Rosemary squealed in delight. Her green eyes squeezed shut. She flicked out her tongue, wetting her ruby lips. Her hand flew up and down my girl-dick.

She stroked me fast and hard as she squirmed on the bed, her body shuddering. She flicked her eyes to me. I grinned and joined her husband. I pulled down her other bra cup. I groaned as Rosemary's round breast popped out. I squeezed her tit, my fingers digging into her flesh, then I engulfed her nipple.

I sucked on it so hard. My tongue whirled around her nub, making her shudder and tremble. She whimpered, fisting our cocks as we loved her nipples. It was so exciting. I kept glancing at Kurt as he sucked on her other nub. His blue eyes sparkled with delight.

His thick lips popped off over and over, making a wet sound that echoed through the hotel suite. The bed creaked as Rosemary shifted. "Mmm, you're both so hard for me," Rosemary said. "What a naughty treat. I'm going to have so much fun." "She's going to breed you," Kurt groaned after popping his mouth off her nipple. I sucked hard on Rosemary's nipple then lifted my head, leaving her breast quivering.

"Just like I bred your mother and sister. All three of you will give birth so close together." "Mmm, wonderful," Rosemary said. "Is it weird that it made me wetter?" "Futanari just turn women into depraved sluts," Kurt said. "Luckily, I love you anyway." Rosemary shuddered at the L word. She turned her head to her husband. As I sucked on her dusky-pink nipple again, he claimed her lips in a soulful kiss. A surge of jealousy shot through me. My pussy clenched and my girl-dick throbbed in her stroking hand.

I nipped her nipple. She squeaked in surprise and broke the kiss. Her eyes fluttered as I nibbled on her nub. She flashed me a naughty grin. Her eyes twinkled as she squirmed.

Her stroking hand reached the pinnacle of my girl-dick. She ran her thumb around the sensitive nub. "Do you want a kiss, too?" Rosemary asked. She licked her lips. "You can use me however you want tonight." "We're going to enjoy her in so many naughty ways, Becky," Kurt said.

"Yes, we are," I moaned as I moved up her body. I claimed those lips. I kissed Kurt's bride. She melted against me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth. She swirled it around while her body turned. Our round breasts pressed together. My nipples rubbed against her skin.

I shuddered as I enjoyed the kiss. My girl-dick twitched in her hand. My excitement mounted. I savored the sweetness of her mouth, kissing the bride on her wedding night. Kurt shifted down her body, kissing at her stomach, heading towards her pussy.

The pussy I would enjoy. That I would fill with my cum. I was breeding Rosemary tonight. I was giving Kurt the naughtiest wedding present ever. He would raise my futa-daughter while I was out there fucking my way through every pussy I could, lost to the hedonism of my life.

What happened to me? Rosemary broke the kiss and shuddered, "Ooh, yes, I was promised pussy licking! At least one of you is doing it." I smiled at her. "Oh, we're going to lick you up," I said. "We're going to make you explode." "Promise," she said and fluttered her eyes at me. I nodded my head. "Oh, yes." I pushed down her body while Kurt drew off the thong she wore. Rosemary lifted her lithe legs so he could draw the skimpy underwear down her stocking-clad thighs.

I shivered, the air perfumed with my sweet musk and her tart juices. Kurt pulled off her panties past her dainty feet. He brought the thin scrap of cloth to his nose and inhaled.

Deeply. He groaned as he savored his wife's musk, pressing the satin cloth into his lips. I blinked at that. "I didn't know you had a panty fetish," I said.

"My fault," Rosemary said, her voice so throaty. "I just find it hot when a guy sniffs my panties and, well, I hooked Kurt on inhaling my musk off my panties at my cousin's wedding." "That was your first date, right?" I asked. "The wedding down in Vegas?" Rosemary nodded as she spread her thighs, exposing her plump vulva swollen red with her excitement and glistening with her juices.

"Kurt left that out of his version," I said as he lowered her panties. "Had to have some surprises," he said, clutching the panties in his hand. He gazed down at his wife's pussy. "Shall we?" "Mmm, yes," I groaned, my mouth watering. Together, Kurt and I nuzzled into his wife's snatch. I'd eaten pussy with another woman before, but not a man. I ignored the rough feel of his cheek on mine.

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He was shaved, but there was just a hint of stubble, reminding me this wasn't a sexy girl beside me. But then my tongue was lapping the bride's tangy pussy, and I didn't care. Rosemary gasped and shuddered as our tongues fluttered up and down her folds. We licked and teased her plump vulva, sliding past each other as we pleasured her. Kurt's thick fingers parted her vulva, exposing her beautiful, pink depths.

Such a wave of lust shot through me. I jammed a pair of my digits into her pussy, feeling her silky sheath. My girl-dick throbbed; I'd be in there soon. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes!" the bride moaned as I pumped my digits in and out of her snatch.

"That's nice. Mmm, I like that." "I bet you do," I said, a sultry purr to my tone. I couldn't help it. She was just making me feel so wanton right now.

"God, you're juicy." "I've been thinking about you for weeks, but then. seeing my mom riding you, witnessing your gorgeous face framed by that blonde hair." The bride shuddered, her pussy clenching on my finger.

"I wanted you so badly." "And you'll get to enjoy her," Kurt said moments before his mouth latched onto his new bride's clit. Rosemary gasped. I smiled as he sucked and fluttered his tongue around Rosemary's clit. I kissed at her inner thigh and plunged my fingers in and out of her silky snatch. I made her gasp and groan. Her passion echoed through the room.

She lifted her legs, hooking her arms around them and hugging them to her breasts. It lifted her pelvis just enough for me to see her puckered asshole.

I groaned. Kurt could take care of her pussy, but I would get her asshole ready. "Becky!" Rosemary groaned. "Ooh, you're such a naughty girl." "And you have such a yummy asshole," I moaned before swirling my tongue across her sour sphincter. I savored the feel of her asshole beneath my tongue. I swirled and swabbed around it while I fingered her pussy.

Her juicy snatch gripped me. Her moans echoed, mixing with Kurt sucking and slurping at her clit. It sent such a heady thrill through me. My pussy dripped juices down my swollen futa-dick swinging between my thighs. I couldn't wait to be in her, breeding her. Feeling depraved, I pressed my tongue against her asshole. It surrendered. "Becky!" she squealed as my tongue swirled around inside her sour bowels, loving her naughty flavor.

"Ooh, yes, yes, yes, you two are driving me wild." I thrust a third finger into her snatch. She gasped out again. Her voice sounded so tight with pleasure. The bed creaked and rocked as my tongue wiggled as deep into her bowels as I could reach, my mouth pressed against her asshole, my tits rubbing on the bed.

I jammed a trio of my fingers deep into her excited wet crack of a lovely teen needs fuck hardcore russian as I pleasured her bowels.

Her pussy squeezed on my digits. Then she squeaked out in rapture. Her orgasm burst through her. Her flesh rippled about my fingers, my tongue.

I groaned as she whimpered. Kurt sucked so hard on her clit, making such obscene sounds as he loved his new bride. We both did. "Oh, my god, I need to be fucked!" the orgasming bride free ride fuck in female fake taxi. "I need you both in me!" I ripped my lips from her asshole, moaning, "I got her backdoor ready for you, Kurt!" "Thanks," he said then grinned at me, lips smeared in his wife's pussy juices.

"Just like old times." "Like Janice," I said, shivering and remembering the night I became a futanari. How Kurt and I shared his step-sister, the only time he ever fucked her.

I was fairly certain he tried to continue a relationship with her, but she had turned instead to Kurt's mother. My transformation really messed him up, and I was so caught up in myself I really didn't pay as much attention as I should.

I didn't know he was so lost and. But he had Rosemary now. She saved him. She loved him the way I couldn't. I was so glad he found Rosemary. I grinned at her. "I'm going to pound your newlywed pussy so hard. I've never fucked a bride on her wedding night." "Really?" she asked, trembling.

"I'm your first bride?" "Yep!" I threw myself down on my side next to her, my tits heaving together. My cock aimed right at her.

She rolled over to face me, scooting close, my cock nuzzling between her thighs while our tits came together. "My first naughty, sultry bride." "Lucky me," she purred then groaned as Kurt pressed up to her from behind. She turned her head, her blonde hair and wedding veil rustling. They kissed as I pressed my cock into her pussy. I shuddered, witnessing their love, my nipples throbbing against hers, my futa-dick nuzzling at her newlywed cunt. Shuddering, I thrust into her silky depths.

Her hot sheath engulfed my cock. She whimpered into her husband's lips as I buried to the hilt in her. I groaned, her snatch clenching down around me. I was finally in Rosemary Albertson nee Ramsey. I was finally in the green-eyed bride's pussy.

She wasn't as tight as her little sister, but she was tighter than her mother. It was a treat to fuck all three women. Rosemary moaned as Kurt entered her asshole.

The newlywed's pussy clenched down on my girl-dick. I shuddered at the heat pressing down around my girth. My dick twitched and throbbed in her while the pleasure surged through me. I groaned, drew back my hips through her juicy snatch, and slammed into her. Our tits jiggled together as she shuddered. Silky friction bathed my cock in rapture. I groaned in delight as I pumped away at her cunt.

Kurt growled and fucked her asshole. "Mmm, just such a wicked woman you married, Kurt," I groaned. "Ooh, her pussy is so hot and tight around my cunt." Rosemary broke the kiss with her husband to moan, "And she's so thick in me. Oh, Kurt, she's fucking me so hard." "Yeah, she is," he groaned, his hips thrusting away.

"Just a naughty bride, ain't she?" "So naughty," I said, a big grin spreading across my lips as I pumped away at her pussy. I slammed into her, filling her to the hilt. "Mmm, I'm going to spurt so much cum into you. Isn't that hot? I'm going to breed you!" "Mmm, I want that!" she groaned, moving her body between us, our cocks slamming into both her holes. "Oh, Kurt, she's going to breed me! I'm going to have her baby!" "Yes!" he grunted. He pressed his wife tight against me with his hard thrusts.

His crotch smacked into her rump as he she is watching mother in law taboo sex mother in law forced and girlfriends hot mom his cock in and out of her bowels. "Just flood her pussy, Becky." My futa-dick throbbed in his bride's pussy. I loved it when a man begged me to breed his woman. And this was the bride. I pumped my hips as hard as I could.

I buried my girl-dick over and over into her tight, juicy snatch. She whimpered and moaned. Her green eyes grew glassier and glassier with lust as she squirmed between us, working her hips. She stirred her pussy around my girl-dick. The silky friction sent rapture shooting down my shaft, through my hot cunt, and to my ovaries. Rosemary's made me tremble. I had to cum in her. Explode in her. I had to fill her with every drop of my futa-cum.

"Damn!" I groaned, my pussy clenching as I thrust into her cunt. "Rosemary, your pussy is amazing. I'm going to breed you! You're going to have my futa-daughter!" "Mmm, yes!" she said, a dreamy look flitting across her face. "She's going to start our family, Kurt!" "She is!" he groaned and then they were kissing again.

I was witnessing their love while I drove my futa-dick in and out of her pussy. I shuddered, wrapped up in it. I kissed at her cheeks and chin. Her cunt clenched and squeezed on my dick as I buried into her over and over. Her passion surged through her. She whimpered into her kiss with her husband. Her body bucked between us. My eyes widened as her pussy convulsed about my girl-dick. That hot and hungry hole ached for my futa-seed to erupt in her. "Kurt!" I moaned.

"Your wife's cumming on our dicks! She wants our cum! She wants me to breed her!" Kurt kept kissing his wife over her shoulder. Her head craned to keep herself locked to him while she shuddered between us. Her pussy rippled about my girl-dick. It felt so incredible. She wanted this so badly. So did he. I buried into his wife. My ovaries tightened. The silky friction caressed the sensitive tip of my futa-dick.

The pleasure shot down my shaft. My pussy clenched. I whimpered and rammed to the hilt into the bride's convulsing pussy. I fired my futa-spunk into her. I bred her pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I howled. Her pussy spasmed harder about my futa-dick. She milked out every drop. Like her sister, she was so eager to be bred.

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I groaned, dizzy passion shooting through my body. Kurt slammed into his wife, grunting into the kiss, adding his jizz to her asshole. "Rosemary, you're so beautiful!" I gasped, staring at her kissing her husband while the pleasure coursed through my body. While her pussy drained my cock of all its futa-seed. She broke the kiss with her husband.

"Thank you for sharing this with us, Becky!" "Yes!" Kurt groaned as he nuzzled into his wife's cheek. "Damn, that was so hot.

She bred you, honey. It made me cum so hard." "Mmm, she did," Rosemary said, her green eyes twinkling. "But our night's not done." I grinned, glad I could share this joy with them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "It was incredible," I said to Adelia, the studio audience, and the world, remembering that night.

"Amazing. It was the last night I ever shared a woman with Kurt, but I'll treasure it always. We made love for hours. Kurt would rest while I pleased his wife, then he would join in again, fucking her pussy, her mouth, even her asshole again.

Mmm, it was such an awesome night." "It sounds like it," Adelia said, her voice strained by awe. "And, of course, you all know Cheryl Albertson," I said. "My speechwriter who helped me win over so much of the world to our new one world government. She brunette babe hailey little masturbating her tight pussy masturbation and pornstars born nine months after that to Rosemary." I licked my lips.

"A few years later, Kurt and Rosemary had their second child, Kurt's actual daughter." A shiver ran through me. "My beautiful Sharron." My wife, Sharron, blushed as she stepped out onto the cameras. She had a glassy look in those blue eyes she inherited from her father. But she also had her mother's beauty in her features, that look which bewitched me on that day four years ago. I took Sharron's hands as I stood up, staring into her eyes. Tears beaded in them. They also beaded in mine. "She's my soulmate," I said and then I knelt before her, my fingers stroking the back of her hands.

She let out an audible sniffle, her joy beaming from her smiling lips. The studio audience all gasped and tittered in delight. I ignored them, focusing everything on my pregnant wife before me, my own vision getting misty.

"I just want everyone to know how much I love you, Sharron." The tears fell from my eyes, pouring hot down my cheeks. My shoulders shook. I pressed my face into the swell of her pregnant belly. "How you saved me from a life of meaningless sex.

I never realized how empty I was until that night with your parents. How much I lost when I became a futanari and broke up with Kurt. But now I have you. I know we haven't had much time together, but we'll make a future together." "Becky," Sharron said, her voice strained with emotion.

"I. I love you so much. I don't. It's all." I rose and caught my wife in a tight embrace. I pressed her against me. I kissed her hard on the mouth. I thrust my tongue past her lips. Her tears poured down her cheeks. They were salty and delicious.

She tasted so amazing as she trembled against me, clinging to me, her belly pressed into mine. Adelia, in a voice half-broken by emotion, said, "We'll be right back with more about the life of Becky Woodward after a word from our sponsors." The END of This Tale of the World's First Futa