Handsome fucking skills of a mother id like to fuck

Handsome fucking skills of a mother id like to fuck
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It has been a week since it happened, since the last day I saw her, I know it will never happen again for a long time, I knew deep down that she was the one and I lost her.

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Let's rewind 2 weeks back, it was around 6:30pm and it was getting dark, I was on my way to my car from work when I saw a white van driving slowly round the block, you could see the rust around the arches of the wheels, over every speed bump chucks came off. I carried on walking when I saw a classy lady in a red dress that fell half way down the top part of her leg, it pushed her tits together and made them overflow, she was wearing black high heels and a long black coat, it was pussy you porn 69 bang 2019 something I had seen in a film, her curly blonde hair flew in the gently wind.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

As she walked past I could smell the intoxicating feminine fragrance of her perfume, I have to admit it was like love at first sight, I took a glimpse back and could see her perfect figure through her tight fitting coat. I soon approached my car when I heard the screeching of tires and a scream, I turned around and saw a woman running towards slender teenage looker has her asshole drilled at this point it was darker and could not make out who it was, thinking to myself could this be the woman of my dreams that I had seen just moments ago?, I started to walk back on myself when someone leaped out of the darkness and in to my arms, could it be?

Is this her?

I stood her up and to my amazement it was, I heard an engine revving up and tired squealing so I hurried her back to my car, she was more than happy to follow, I put her in the passenger seat, as I got in I could see her makeup smudged, the shoulder to her coat torn, and the center piece of her dress torn down to her belly button releasing the goods, I took my coat off adorable realtor girl adria rae slammed hard by a guy who looked for apartment pornstars hardcore layed it over her torso, being a gentleman and all, "do you want me to drive you home?" I said gently, while looking directly into her eyes, I could see she was still crying at this point, I felt like I had to comfort her so I put my arm round her, "I couldn't let you do that, you have done so much for me already" she replied while snuffling her nose.

I insisted I take her home to prevent anything else from happening, she then gave a little smirk in the corner of her mouth and typed in the address on my satnav. As we approached the destination she had stopped crying and seemed to have cheered up, she then told me to follow, as we strolled down the street she linked her arm around mine, she then stopped outside a hotel, she swung her body round and put my hands around her waist, she hugged me and whispered "My hero", she then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the hotel entrance, We entered the magnificent reception and headed straight for the lift, when the lift approached we stepped in and there we was in a confined space on our own, she got close and leaned in for a kiss, whilst slowly running her hands down my torso, she stopped kissing me at the same time she stopped at my belt buckle, she then started to kiss my chest, she then dropped to her knees and undone my belt, the elevator pinged and she sprung up and tried acting normal, she then walked out the elevator and looked back, I was stood there confused about what just happened she then grabbed my hand and led me the hotel door 562.

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As the doors swung open it was like the scene from hangover when they enter the pent house, she then ran off to the toilet, I started to follow, I heard the shower running so I took a stroll round the penthouse suite, as I gazed out the window all I could see was the backlit buildings, streetlights, the close encountered windows of the hotel opposite.

I heard the shower stop and the sound of the door opening, I turned around and saw her standing there in her towel barely hiding that beautiful ass and pussy, "would you like a drink?" she said seductively, "yes, please" I said while nodding, she bent over revealing the perfectly shaped shaven pussy, I sat down as I felt my penis harden, she came over and handed me a drink and sat on my lap, at this point I had a semi, I lascivious slut seductions by two males lingerie japanese tell by her face that she could feel it, she proceeded to put her drink on the side table and dropped to her knees, she opened up her towel and released her 32D breasts, they were amazing, she then started to open up my belt while kissing up my leg, she then got the tip of my penis, her jaw dropped, she then rushed to see my cock, as she pulled my boxers down, my 9"cock sprung out, she wasted no time stuffing it in to her mouth, I couldn't believe my eyes, she took the whole lot right down to the base, this was the best head I've had in a while.

After about 10 minutes of constant deep throating I started to cum, she took her mouth away just before and as my cum was starting to come out she slammed my cock down her throat and kept it there until I was finished.

She then stood up and slowly walked to the bedroom, I sat there not knowing what to do so I followed, as I entered the low lit bedroom she was laying there on the bed, she had handcuffed herself to the bed posts, I walked over and slowly crawled over the top of her, "I want you to fuck me, hero" she whispered, I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her clit, she started moaning, I pressed my cock against her tight little hole, when I say tight I mean tight, I slowly pressed my cock in, I started to kiss her neck and chest, i could hear her moaning into the pillow, when I managed to get my cock all the way in I started to pump started soft and after about 6 minutes I sped up, I could feel her back arching as she had an orgasm, I slowed down then when she lay flat I sped up again, I was pounding her hard for about 20 minutes before I started to feel myself getting to the point of no return, when she had another orgasm, at that moment I felt myself starting to cum while being hugged by the warmth of her pussy, I slowed down and kissed her.

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As I un-cuffed her she grabbed my cock and started sucking it, yet again all the way down to the base, she then came back up and started to cuddle me, we lay there cuddling and talking for an hour or two, when mid-sentence she straddled me and slammed her moist pussy down on my fully erect penis she slowly fucked me with a swaying movement, she then handcuffed my wrist to the bed, she then jumped off and started to suck my cock but this time she had her finger on my backdoor, she slowly massaged me while still fucking my cock with her mouth, she then lubed her finger up and slowly pushed her finger up inside me, not far but enough to feel ebony fellow bangs gorgeous girl interracial and hardcore, with that movement and the amazing deep-throat I started to cum again, she then came back up and cuddled up to me and slowly fell asleep, I could feel my eyes closing as I drifted off into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning at 10 am still handcuffed to the bed, I could feel a sensation, as I looked down I could see the covers bobbing up and down, she then popped her head up and gave me a kiss, "breakfast is on the way up" she said, there was a knock at the door she jumped up and ran to the door, I lay there dazed by the confusion of what has just happened, as she returned she was still naked, "did you answer the door naked?" I asked, "yes, I am proud of my body", she un-cuffed me and sat there eating, "want any?" she said with a smile on her face, she started feeding me, toast, fruit, juice.

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I asked her if we could grab some lunch a little bit later on and talk, "sure she replied", We both got up after eating and got dressed and left for lunch. Continue to chapter 2