While on my way to work last week I drove by an odd sight, a man portaging with a pink canoe! If I hadn’t seen him on the news the night before I might not have stopped, but learning about his story and his motivation behind his portage endeavour is incredible.

Meeting Andrew Metcalfe

Andrew Metcalfe has felt the effects of breast cancer, his Mother, Grandmother and Aunt were all diagnosed with it; unfortunately his Aunt passed away from it. Andrew knows how difficult it is to see someone you love battle such a terrible disease, but he says he can’t imagine what it actually feels like to go through it first hand. To support the fight against breast cancer he is raising money by portaging through Ontario in 40 days. It’s a 1200 km trip starting in Kingston, then going to Ottawa, Huntsville, Barrie, London and finally ending in Windsor.

It has been estimated that 40% of women and 45% of men will face some type of cancer diagnosis in their lifetime; cancer doesn’t discriminate, it can affect anyone. When I met Andrew it was a very hot day, almost a temperature record breaker. But the temperature didn’t stop him from his goal, he kept walking with the pink canoe on his shoulders. Andrew is truly an inspiration, it is clear that one person really can make a difference.

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  1. Wow inspiring story! That is so cool that you got to meet him

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