On May 26th the Barrie Branch of the OSPCA held its Plants for Pets fundraiser. The OSPCA holds multiple fundraisers throughout the year because it receives no financial support from the government. Established in 1873, the Ontario SPCA was originally for the protection of both animals and children. After the Children’s Aid Society was established the OSPCA became primarily focused on the prevention of cruelty towards animals. The OSPCA today investigates reports of animal cruelty, the surrender and adoption of animals, and lost and found animals.

At OSPCA with a volunteer and dogs Franco and Caleb

While at the fundraiser, I was able to take a tour and see all of the animals. There are cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits at the Barrie branch ready for adoption. I was

Dooie an English Foxhound Mix

greeted by a beautiful Labrador/ Retriever mix named Franco. He had a lot of energy and was very happy to meet new people. While in the cat adoption room I wanted to adopt every cat I met! There were cats as old as seven years and kittens as young as two months, each feline in need of a good home. All dogs and cats are either spayed or neutered and have their shots up to date. For more information on animals available for adoption you can visit the Barrie location of the OSPCA on 91 Patterson Road or click here.

As mentioned before, the OSPCA receives no government funding and therefore relies solely on fundraising and donations. A 25$ donation helps to sponsor one week of care

Denver the Cat

for a cat or dog, a 150$ donation helps to sponsor one large and one small raised dog bed to keep dogs comfortable and off of the concrete floors, and a 1,000$  helps to sponsor the cost of neuter/spay surgeries for 5 puppies. The OSPCA also raises money through their ongoing bottle drive; you can bring in empty beer and liquor bottles and all the proceeds will go towards the animals. Upcoming events include a dog wash, golf tournament, and walk-a-thon. For more information on events click here.

The OSPCA’s volunteers are some of the nicest and most caring people I’ve met. I was surprised to see volunteers cleaning litter boxes with a smile. One volunteer even arranged for me to hold one of the kittens, this was my favorite part of the day! Right before I left I noticed a little Jack Russel behind the front desk, Piper. Piper immediately stole my heart- she was a little meek but once she smelled me she treated me like her best friend. If I could adopt I would in a heartbeat, I encourage anyone interested in a pet to adopt from the OSPCA. These animals are waiting for a new home where they would make a wonderful addition to any family.

Volunteer Jill and Piper the Jack Russel

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