Little Brianna

Looking good, doing good, and feeling good all go hand in hand. This summer, Aveda Institute posed a challenge to the Miss Teen bloggers, make a video that showcases you looking good, doing good, and feeling good. I enjoyed this challenge because the possibilities of activities to do where endless! At first I thought about helping an elderly person cross the street, picking up trash, and planting flowers but none of these seemed quite right. I was stumped about what to do until a friend of mine told me her little sister hadn’t learned how to ride a bike, perfect!


 On a beautiful Tuesday morning I went to my friends house to teach her little sister how to ride a bike. I only had an hour before little Brianna had to go visit her Grandma so I knew she wouldn’t be riding without help just yet. I did my best to make her comfortable with the bike, at first she wouldn’t even sit on it! By the end all she wanted to do was pedal down the sidewalk.

Helping Brianna was a lot of fun, she has a sweet personality and we’ve already made plans to ride bikes again! Maybe next time I’ll rethink the dress and high heels, they weren’t really bike riding material!

Click here to watch my Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good Video!

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