The Miss All Canadian Pageant organization holds pageants throughout Canada focusing

Outfit of Choice

on girls and boys ages 0-14. I was lucky enough to help out at two pageants put on by the organization, the Easter Darling Pageant, and the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. The Easter Darling Pageant occurred on April 1stat the Kozlov Mall in Barrie. Contestants 0-4 were judged in 3 categories, their Sunday best attire, Easter Bonnet, and Outfit of Choice. There were some babies as young as 2 weeks competing in this category! My favorite category was Outfit of Choice because the costumes were outrageous! Unfortunately I could not stay for the entire day, I had an allergic reaction and had broken out in hives the day before the pageant! I had tried to cover up the hives the best I could, but the allergy medication made me very drowsy. Kind of ironic that I would break out into hives the day before helping out at a beauty pageant, hope none of the parents thought I was contagious!

0-4 Winner at Easter Darling Pageant!


High Point Winner!

The Diamond Jubilee Pageant was a two-day event held on June 23rd and 24that the Kozlov Mall. The Diamond Jubilee Pageant was similar to the Easter Darling Pageant but the outfits were a little fancier and there was also a talent option! I was impressed with the girl’s performances, some had choreographed dances and others sang. It was great to see young girls so confident and comfortable in their skin to perform in front of a crowd of strangers. At the Diamond Jubilee Pageant I was not the only Miss Teen Canada-World contestant, Lolah Gifford Miss Teen Simcoe County-World was also helping out. It was great to see Lolah again; together we handed out medals, trophies, and crowns.

Lolah and I with some crowns and trophies


I loved helping out at the pageants because the smiles on the girl’s faces were priceless. Every time they strut down the runway, danced and sang on stage, and had their names called their smiles grew more and more. Even if some had a few teeth missing the smiles were full of excitement and happiness. The pageants were a lot a fun, it was fun talking to the girls and hearing all about their pets, school projects and friends. I will be helping out at the finals coming in August, where the competition will be even more fierce!  Good luck to all contestants!

7-9 Year Old Girls

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Please add links so we can check out the websites of these other pageants, and don’t forget to add a link to the main Miss Teen Canada World website in there too! You can drag the pictures bigger in the editor to fill the frame – declare war on wasted space. Thanks for sharing this Danielle.

  2. What cute pageants! The trophies and crowns are HUGE! Glad you had a great experience, can’t wait to meet you!

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