On August 28th I moved from my hometown of Barrie to Hogtown. I was very excited but definitely nervous about leaving home. I took the advice of my RA and went to as many campus events as possible making friends everywhere I went. The best friends I made were the ones that lived on the same floor as me.

My floor at an event during Frosh Week!


The academic side to university took me by a bit of surprise the first week of classes. All of a sudden the class size of 30 I was used to changed to 420! I was faced with 3 hour lectures and classes that went until 10 at night! It took a bit of getting used to but after a few weeks I got the hang of it, now sitting through class from 8-2 sounds crazy.

A Group project I was apart of promoting campus services


My first year is winding down, I’ve started packing up everything in my room and studying for my final exams. Last week the floor had its final dinner together. Soon all the people I’ve lived with for 8 months will be back home, some in Windsor, Amsterdam, North Bay, Hong Kong, and one in Barrie with me! My first year at University was amazing, filled with memories I will never forget.  I’m extremely excited for summer, but I will definitely miss everyone on floor 7!

Floor 7's official floor photo, we felt towels were appropriate

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