My goal is to make everyone feel special, I always try to hold the door for people or smile at strangers as they pass. I would like to host a TV Show where I am able to make kids feel special.

Possible Rockstar Transformation

The TV Show would be titled “Dreams Come True”. People would write in to the show about a certain child having a rough time, they may be dealing with bullying, the loss of a family member, or any other stressor they are faced with today. After profiling the child, they would be asked what their dream is. Some kids may dream of being a rock star, and others may dream of learning how to surf. With the help of the Miss Teen Canada World sponsors, these dreams will come true.

For a child that wants to be a rock star they would be enrolled in Zack Werner’s Idol School, MAC cosmetics would transform the child’s appearance. After a weekend chock full of singing and dancing the child would put on a concert for family and friends. After the weekend the child would be profiled again, to show how the experience changed their outlook. Maybe the child will be more confident, or more open to new experiences. The goal of this show is to help children, give them the strength to carry on through rough times.

The program would air on CTV, to promote Canadian television. It’s time slot would ideally be somewhere from 5:00pm to 9:00 pm; early enough for kids to be able to watch it with their parents. Reality television has become very popular in the last ten years, and many people, including myself, prefer reality television. Sponsors such as Zack Werner’s Idol School, and MAC cosmetics would benefit because of advertising, and it would showcase the expertise of the staff. 

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hey great, somebody used Zack Werner as sponsor! good work.

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